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Focusing on Vaccine Exemptions, Religious Liberty, & Medical Freedom








Christina Martinez is dedicated to representing individuals who have faced discrimination due to vaccine mandates. If you've had your civil rights violated, Christina can advocate on your behalf or litigate if needed.


Christina has recently won fourteen lawsuits against the City of New York on behalf of City Workers who were wrongfully terminated due to the City’s COVID-19 vaccine mandate. 


Additionally, Christina handles requests for reasonable accommodations. If you are unwilling to take the COVID-19 vaccine and are facing a vaccine mandate from your employer or school, you may qualify for a reasonable accommodation, also known as an exemption. Religious or medical exemptions are available in certain circumstances.


Under applicable law, your religious beliefs do not have to conform with any established, organized religion, and can be personal in nature.


The process for obtaining an exemption to a vaccine mandate can be complex and confusing. Some employers and schools are making the process even more difficult with the intent of misleading applicants into making misstatements that can be used to deny the exemption request.


You do not have to navigate this process alone. Exemption Lawyer, Christina Martinez, has handled many vaccine exemption requests and appeals. You deserve a qualified attorney with the knowledge and skill to provide individualized assistance in obtaining an exemption or overturning a wrongful denial.

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Assisting with Vaccine Exemptions in all 50 states

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Christina Martinez is a highly accomplished attorney with a distinguished career dedicated to justice and advocacy. Specializing in employment discrimination and civil rights cases, Christina is a trusted advocate licensed to practice law in New York and New Jersey.


Christina's recent accomplishments in the legal arena underscore her prowess. She has recently won fourteen lawsuits for City Workers who were wrongfully terminated due to the COVID-19 pandemic. She played a pivotal role in major COVID-19 civil rights litigation across the country. In these high-stakes cases, Christina has collaborated with attorneys nationwide, providing invaluable contributions in research, brief writing, and preparing legal teams for persuasive oral arguments. Her meticulous approach and tireless work ethic make her an indispensable asset in complex litigation.


Christina graduated magna cum laude from Brooklyn Law School in 2014. During her time there, she demonstrated her dedication to academic excellence as the Articles Editor of the Journal of Law & Policy, and she received numerous scholarship awards, including the Academic Achievement Award and Dean’s Merit Award. She spent the earlier part of her career in a boutique law firm in Manhattan handling civil litigation, with a focus on nursing home neglect and medical malpractice. With a passion for advocacy and a dedication to championing those who have been abused and oppressed, today she focuses primarily on medical freedom and religious liberty. 


Christina Martinez is not just an attorney; she is an unwavering advocate and a meticulous legal strategist. Her impressive legal background, combined with her unwavering commitment to her clients, positions her as an exceptional ally in the legal profession.



At the Law Offices of Christina Martinez, we believe that medical freedom and religious liberty are fundamental human rights that all people are entitled to. This includes the right to maintain personal bodily autonomy and to fully control consent to medical treatments or vaccinations, whether for religious or personal reasons. 


We must all rise to the challenge to fight against mandatory vaccination policies and laws and at our firm we pledge to stand with clients who are suffering from the current COVID-19 mandates or any protocol impinging upon medical and/or religious freedom such as forced vaccination, masking, or testing. 


Our vision is a world where all people have complete economic, social, and political power to make their own medical decisions for themselves and their children free from discrimination and coercion. We will continue to fight for medical and religious freedom and defend these cherished liberties and unalienable rights. 

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"One of the most frightening things a parent can experience is when your child gets sick.  My son had a medical exemption from all vaccinations for the past 16 years, after a vaccine caused him to have permanent damage to his optic nerve.   Never did I imagine that his college would not honor this exemption, however, that is exactly what happened.  My son was denied a medical exemption from the COVID vaccine, even after providing all of the medical documentation they requested.  Through a professional recommendation, I met Christina.  Simply put, if It were not for her, we would still be battling and my son would have been forced to do all of his classes virtually.   Christina is a dedicated, advocate who knows the law and is willing to fight for what is right.  My son is still not permitted to do a lot of things due to his vaccination status, however he IS permitted to attend class on campus.  That is a huge win!!  No one will fight harder for you, or in my case,  for my son,  than she did.  Forever grateful."

-Mother of a CUNY student




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